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BAPLab July 22 2006 @ 3rd Ward
Keith Fullerton Whitman Guy Ben-Nir Rotem Tashach Richard Chartier
free103point9 Helios Geoffrey Bell Ernesto Klar
Hakan Lidbo Jean Gabriel Periot Ryan Holsopple
Hakan Lidbo Benton C Bainbridge Ryan Holsopple

This summer BAP will be hosting the first in a series of programs entitled the “BAPLab” taking place on July 22nd 2006. Showcasing well known artists side by side with emerging artists, the Lab’s purpose is to expose both audience and artists alike to the vast spectrum of digital culture. Located at 3rd Ward, in the outer edges of Bushwick, the Lab is an experimental event where artists are encouraged to explore new paths and investigate new ideas through a curated program of electronic music, video, sound installations and interactive works.

Part exhibition, part creative R&D program, the BAPLab is a festival of ideas.  An environment where artists can explore new approaches to creative expression.

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