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Add local files. Click in the topright corner of the app and select Settings. Scroll down to Local Files. Any files in My Music, Downloads, and iTunes folders are automatically selected. Click ADD SOURCE to select another folder from which Spotify can access your personal music files.

Solved: Play local files on my mobile device – The Spotify Community

Solved: What’s the easiest way to be able to play local files that reside on my desktop device on my mobile? After bringing them in to.

Solved: Playing local files on an Android phone – The Spotify …

Note: This feature is for Premium users only. Using the desktop app, add Local Files you want to sync to a playlist. Log into Spotify on your Android using the same WiFi network as your desktop. Tap the menu button ( ). Tap Your Music. Tap Playlists. Tap the playlist containing the local files from your computer.

Solved: How can I add local files to iPhone? – The Spotify Community

Solved: I can not seem to find a way to get my local files on my pc to sync to my iPhone. When I … Is there a way to play local files from a pc on iPhone. Thanks! … Okay first of all have your Spotify Desktop App open, >> now drag the files from your computer to the App and put them on ‘Local Files’ left bar of the app. >> After  …

Solved: Spotify won’t play local files songs! – The Spotify Community

Solved: Hi there! When I want to play files from local files, some of them won’t play. I don’t really understand why ? They’ve been.

Solved: Spotify won’t sync local files to iphone – The Spotify …

I’ve had local files synced for a long time, but today all tracks appeared as greyed out. I reinstalled the app and now when I press the offline switch nothing happens and the tracks remain greyed out. I’ve tried everything I have found on this forum: I am connected to the same wifi network (which has worked before so there is …

Solved: Can’t play local files – The Spotify Community

Solved: I installed Spotify yesterday and I can’t play any local file in it. I saw the problem and some ‘solution’ here on the forum, but nothing.

Solved: Spotify Won’t play local files! – The Spotify Community

Solved: OK, it’s getting to the point where I am about to cancel my account. I add files to Spotify (I have the folder selected as a source in.

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Solved: I have created a playlist by rightclicking an album title and then choosing Add to… / New Playlist. In my local.

Playing local files on an Android phone – The Spotify Community

Solved: Hi This may be a little unusual and difficult to explain, so please bear with me. I collect a lot of individual tracks for dance.