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hydrocarbons. in hydrocarbon: Physical properties. For a given number of carbon atoms, an unbranched alkane has a higher boiling point than any of its branchedchain isomers. This effect is evident upon comparing the boiling points (bp) of selected C 8H 18 isomers.

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Substances consisting entirely of singlebonded carbon and hydrogen atoms and lacking functional groups are called alkanes. There are three basic types of structures that classify the alkanes: (1) linear straightchain alkanes, (2) branched alkanes, and (3) cycloalkanes.

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The following is a list of straightchain and branched alkanes and their common names, sorted by number of carbon atoms Number of C atoms, Number of isomers, Number of isomers including stereoisomers, Molecular Formula, Name of straight chain, Synonyms. 1, 1, 1, CH4, Methane, methyl hydride; natural gas.

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Straight chain definition, an open chain of atoms, usually carbon, with no side chains attached to it. See more. … an open chain of atoms in a molecule with no attached side chains; (as modifier): a straightchain hydrocarbon. Compare branched chain. Collins English DictionaryComplete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition

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Defines hydrocarbon and alkane and gives structures for the first ten alkanes in the series.

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Alkanes are hydrocarbons (compounds containing ONLY carbon and hydrogen). A single covalent bond joins one carbon atom in the chain to another carbon atom. The name of an alkane is made up of two parts: (i) a prefix or stem (first part of the name, alk). (ii) a suffix (last part of the name, ane). The suffix when naming ¬†…

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Many of these compounds, also called nalkanes, are found in fuel, like gasoline. Propane and butane gas used to power heating systems and gas stoves are also part of that family. Beside being fuels or part of fuels, such compounds can be solvents, like hexane, for example, which is liquid. Hydrocabons up to 14 or 15¬†…

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The Effect on Boiling Point of a Straight Chain or a Branched Chain.

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Define straight chain. straight chain synonyms, straight chain pronunciation, straight chain translation, English dictionary definition of straight chain. n. … straight chain. n. (Chemistry). a. an open chain of atoms in a molecule with no attached side chains. b. (as modifier): a straightchain hydrocarbon. Compare branched¬†…