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A loot box guaranteed to contain 300 Metamorphic Emblems. It may also contain a wing backslot item—either Golden Gliders or Fiery Feathers—dyad niveot structures, golden talents, more emblems, or other consumables. Guaranteed Item(s):. Metamorphic Emblem (300). Opens the Metamorphic Emblem shop, where you …

Get Your Wings in TERA | TERA

If you’re hoping for something even more eyecatching, pick up an Avenging Angel loot box, and you might just find yourself the proud owner of a pair of Golden Gliders wings, or the Fiery Feathers wings! (Please note that these wings are purely cosmetic; they do not allow your character to fly…although …

Weekend Sale: 25% Off Wing Accessories | TERA

White Wings; Black Wings; Guardian Angel loot box (possibly containing Pink Pinions or Purple Pennons); Avenging Angel loot box (possibly containing Golden Gliders or Fiery Feathers). (Remember: Just because you have wings, doesn’t mean you can fly.) The sale will be over before you know it, so if …

Fiery Feathers – Tera Database 1.0

Database. Items. Weapons · Scythes · Twin Swords · Lance · Greatsword · Axe · Disc · Bow · Staff · Scepter · Arcannon · Powerfists · Shuriken · Runeglaive · Armor by material · Metal Armor · Hauberk · Gauntlets · Greaves · Leather Armor · Cuirass · Gloves · Boots · Cloth Armor · Robes · Sleeves · Shoes · Belts · Innerwear.

Fiery Feathers – Tera Database 1.0

Fiery Feathers Superior Bind on Equip For level 1 or above. No sale value. You’ re on fire! Max stack count, : 1. Add NPC which drops this item. Add container for this item. Add contents of this item. msg. Add screenshot of this object. Add. You can drag and drop image here. Add. BBCode. Copy. HTML. Copy. Obtained from  …

Avenging Angel Loot Box – Tera Database 1.0

A loot box guaranteed to contain a semienigmatic scroll. It may also contain a wing backslot item—either Golden Gliders or Fiery Feathers—alkahests, or other consumables.

Are loot boxes worth it? : TeraOnline – Reddit

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Looking to sell Fiery Feathers – Tera Online forum archive

Find posts made by the Tera devs and moderators on the En Masse forums.

Fire Feather – Official Terraria Wiki

The Fire Feather is a Hardmode crafting material used solely to craft the Flame Wings. It has a 1.33% (1/75) chance of being dropped by Red Devils in the Underworld.